A Pandemic of Pandemics

On March 10, 2020, I started my first experience of living in a pandemic. I have survived the Great Depression, World War II, forty-one nonwar wars (search online for a list of wars involving the United States since 1950), a bunch of recessions, and fifteen presidents.

The dictionary says a pandemic is “the outbreak of a disease that is out of control worldwide.”

What’s a disease? “A disorder of structure or function in a human . . . that impairs normal functioning location.” This word is sometimes used to describe something other than a physical sickness, such as the “disease” of ignorance. The following are more examples of such abstract diseases, all of which have now become pandemics:

  1. Pandemic of refusing vaccinations: Some people are saying, “I don’t believe in vaccinations,” “Vaccines are against God’s will,” “I don’t have time to get vaccinated,” or “I am healthy and in great shape.”

Cure: Get vaccinated. It will cost you nothing and will save so many lives and keep you and others healthy.

  1. Pandemic of racism: Racism can be found all over the world. Many people refuse to believe they are racist, and many are rather proud of their racism and thus feel free to physically and verbally hurt someone, often older, of another race.

Cure: Admit you are racist—everyone is, one way or another—and live agape (unconditional love).

  1. Pandemic of police brutality: Police, being protected by obscure laws, seem to love to play bully, especially upon another race, knowing they can legally kill and get away with it.

Cure: Get rid of all police officers and swear in officers of the peace.

  1. Pandemic of guns: Gun culture says that if I buy a gun, then I can kill you before you kill me or I can kill an innocent victim or myself accidently because I have no idea how to use such weapons.

Cure: Make it extremely difficult to buy any kind of weapon and realize the Second Amendment is about militias in the American Revolution, not you and your AK-15s.

  1. Pandemic of voter suppression: A majority of our states are working overtime trying to make it almost impossible for all those folks they don’t like to vote.

Cure: Pass legislation in Congress that makes it impossible to suppress any vote.

  1. Pandemic of white males believing that everything is about them: So many people believe that all white people are superior and fat white men are even more superior.

Cure: Give all such thinkers a two-year tour of duty in the Middle East, Asia, or Africa.

  1. Pandemic of believers who think the USA is a Christian country: Many American Christians believe their religion is the only one for their country.

Cure: Have these believers write the First Amendment five hundred times and give it to Nancy Pelosi.

There are even more. All are contagious and dangerous, especially to a democracy. The only cure is to “vaccinate” everyone with agape love (unconditional love, with no exceptions). This is guaranteed to cure everyone within twenty-four hours.

Peace Love Joy Hope


Photo courtesy of CDC (CC-0)


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  1. The people who are anti-vaccers are to be pitied. Their parents were probably anti fluoridation of water supplies in the 50’s and 60’s. It’s in their genes to ignore science.


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