Speaker’s Corner

For the past 60 years, the Reverend Dr. Bil Aulenbach (PhD, Theology) has been involved in the institutional church, with some good and some not-so-good experiences. As a result, Fr. Bil has developed a unique approach to faith that is built on the findings of some of the great modern, progressive Biblical scholars, theologians, church historians, and clergy studies of the 20th and 21st centuries. Fr. Bil guarantees this: his presentations will always be provocative, offering different approaches to traditional ideas that will spark very interesting conversations. His presentations take a variety of forms.



The Historical Jesus (three or four 1½-to-2-hour sessions)

The New Testament doesn’t really tell us much about who the real Jesus was. But by taking a peek at the Gospels, some background information about the Romans, Judaism at that time, Herod and his gang, the Temple in Jerusalem, and Galilee in Jesus’s day, we can develop an image of the man Jesus and his teachings during his lifetime. He’s a nice guy—most of the time.

Charting the 21st-Century Reformation (three or four 1½-to-2-hour sessions)

This presentation takes a hard look at our dogma, doctrine, and traditions and how they relate to the 21st century. Subjects include God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Virgin births, Original Sin, prayer, the Trinity, the Bible, and ethics, as well as other topics that the participants want to discuss. At the end, we’ll be ready to pin our “theses” to the church door.



New Ways to Look at Old Ideas

This session will cover the subjects that the participants want to discuss. For example, we can look at God in the 21st century, Jesus in a business suit, Virgin births, the truth about Christmas, dead men walking (the Resurrection), how to walk on water, how to perform miracles, and other issues of interest to the group.



Cramming for the Finals

This presentation covers topics such as how to get into heaven with no questions asked, who your roommate will be in the hereafter, what not to say to St. Peter at the entrance exam, how to earn celestial brownie points here for there, and whether your dog/cat can come with you, as well as other questions the group might have about this ever-present nagging issue.



The Many Faces of Jesus (sermon)

A lot of folks are surprised that there are so many images of Jesus, some of which are rather bizarre. With which image do you identify most?



Is the Institutional Church Broken?

The once-vibrant church is having a difficult time surviving in the 21st century. Should it be left to die a natural death, or should we try to resuscitate it?



Fr. Bil can design classes, discussions, and small group meetings around any subject of your choice. Please feel free to e-mail Fr. Bil at Frbill@peacelovejoyhope.com.