I’m Back

I have not written a blog post since September 2020 when I was diagnosed with lung cancer, a sobering moment in my life. I was then living in the unknown and thought it best to take a break for an operation, maybe more treatment, recovery time, and my mortality.

I had my biopsy in September, and on October 14, the surgeon removed the upper third of my left lung. They found no more cancer. The surgery was laparoscopic (noninvasive), so I have only two one-inch (almost invisible) scars on my chest. I was home in two days.

The next day my wife and I were able to resume a shortened version of our daily walk. Then in February we skied for two weeks at Lake Tahoe. My six-month checkup in April 2021showed I was still cancer free. I am a lucky man!

We have honored the COVID-19 lockdown and received our vaccinations, but with part of my lung missing, we have played it extra safe. In June 2021 we started in-person socializing with vaccinated family and friends. It was so refreshing to hug our family and break bread together.

I intended to restart my blog much sooner, but when the pandemic began, I decided to write another book that has been nagging at me. The working title is The Elixir of Life: It’s Radical. It will be a workbook centered on the power of change, transformation, and agape for those who want to grow in their faith. My editor just gave it back to me for another rewrite.

During the pandemic I also started what might be called a dairy entitled “The Anne and Bil Love Story.” We have been married for over sixty years and have had some great and not-so-great experiences. We both have enjoyed revisiting our wonderful past. Annie has been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment and is struggling with remembering, so having our stories written down has been most helpful to her and brought back so many treasured memories.

During the last eleven months, our world went in some interesting directions with bizarre outcomes. So many times, I have wanted to react but wasn’t quite ready to restart the process of blogging. I am now, thanks to a push from longtime friends.

I think the most difficult part of this isolation has been not being with people. Zoom, the internet, and the phone were helpful but not the same. Maybe in a few months we can all interact in person if people behave and are vaccinated.

In light of that, I have planned to do some preaching through my courses: (1) The Historical Jesus, (2) The Power of Agape, and (3) Christians for the Abolition of Prisons.

I also have a list of possible provocative subjects to  use for my blog. The first is going to be about the pandemic of pandemics.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading my blog posts, which will appear every other week for now.

Peace Love Joy Hope


 Photo courtesy of Noah (CC-0)

14 thoughts on “I’m Back”

  1. Glad to have you back, Padre Bil, and glad that you are now cancer free! We have missed you. I can’t wait to read your upcoming blog posts and will be anxious to read your new book, when your publisher lets it come “out of the bag”.
    Peace, love, joy and hope.

  2. I have been hunting for your wonderful essays for months. Now I know why you were missing. I hope great results for you. I reprinted a bunch of your essays, especially those talking about ‘Nooneupthere’. Those thoughts resonated profoundly with me. I will watch for every upcoming essay from Bil. Your thoughts have made a big impression on my thinking. Thanks so much.
    Best wishes for your recovery and many years to come.

    • Thank you James for your email and very kind words. I love people who like to think. There are too many out there who seem to have no interest in her their grey matter.
      I have a bunch of blogs ready to go and am delighted to be able to share by almost 90 years of life.

  3. Hi Bil, what an amazing story of recovery and healing. Looking forward to your blog. Am so sorry about Ann and her memory loss, writing your story is a wonderful way to acknowledge your lives.
    Thanks for being a role model for never quitting.

    • Many thanks Mary for your very kind email. It’s good to be back and we’ve been back at IUCC for the past 3 Sundays. It’s so much better being able to see and touch people once again.
      Hope to see you there soon. PeaceLoveJoyHope

  4. Even at my adult age of 69, I am still surprised that life keeps happening, that is, “life keeps happening when trying to make plans.” Just when we have relaxed into a new comfortable life situation, life continues to happen. Babies are born making us grandparents, adult children need help, a health crisis forces us to take our life in a different direction, the wider world calls us to be active participants. All of this can be happening simultaneously – not just to us personally but to family members, friends, and God’s children across the globe. We are constantly called to be God’s hands.

  5. Whopee. So glad to hear you’re better. Now for those of us who can’t hear you preach, are you going to start a podcast too!
    So glad you have the time and energy to blog. My love to Anne. Cant wait to read your love story.

  6. Bill, So glad to hear you survived lung cancer and covid. I am a bowel cancer survivor. Here in NSW Australia, in Western Sydney, we are facing a state government imposed lockdown that started in June 2021 and will extend till September 30 2021 with curfews. My wife is 60 years old, and I am 65, so we have no choice but to be vaccinated with Astra Zeneca or face a self imposed lockdown beyond September 2021. Please keep well and writing. I enjoy all your blogs.
    Best Wishes
    Wayne J McMillan

    • It is so good to hear from you Guiem from Mallorca. Life is GREAT, one day at time.
      I have thought of you often and hope all is well with you. Thanks for being a reader. PeaceLoveJoyHope

  7. I am so glad you are back..and so glad you are willing to express your thoughts and the years of special learning with us. You introduced “AGAPE” to me and much provocative interpretation, Reefa

  8. Bil, Love to you and Annie, I miss you both, and would love to catch up with you, you are one of the most special persons I have known, Love, Julie Dix


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