The Big Lie

I am not going to talk about the Big Lie and voter fraud, “stolen” elections and conspiracy theories galore, but it does amaze me how many Christian “believers” are willing to destroy our democracy to “prove” that these lies are true. Or does it amaze me?

Looking back over my eighty-nine years, I can see that much of life is based on lies, some big, most little. Today’s biggie is that COVID-19 is a hoax. A little one is that we have a new pill guaranteed to help you lose ten pounds a week.

The first Big Lie I recall was the existence of Santa Claus at age two. I was ten before I let it go. I knew at seven (thanks to an older sister) there was no Santa. Why did I hang on? It was the fear of no presents under the tree for little Billy.

I wonder if people aren’t letting go of the Republican Big Lie for fear of Trump’s and the party’s wrath?

I know the church has told and continues to tell lies (see its creeds and theology). I also confess that I have perpetuated some of them. But I am finished with that.

Why does the church keep insisting that there is SomeOneUpThere? That Big Lie has lasted for hundreds of years because no one knew exactly what UpThere was. Now we do: about two trillion galaxies, and none have been identified as “God’s mansion” or “heaven.”

Why do people keep telling NoOneUpThere what to do? Today, I read about a lady who insisted that she prayed to NoOneUpThere to find her a boat slip for her sailboat after she was told she had a two-year wait. Guess what? NoOneUpThere found her one. I wanted to ask her, “But how come your God let 4.3 million people around the world die of COVID?” I guess NoOneUpThere was so busy finding her a boat slip that NoOne forgot about COVID. I suspect that lady would not have liked my question.

The best way I know to stop the Big Church Lie is to tell folks, “My God is Creation.” No one has ever told me I’m wrong, but they have called me a pantheist (a person who believes creation pervades all of space and time and extends beyond).

Let’s face it: no one truly knows who God is, so folks invent one. Mine is Creation, so let’s move on to Jesus. The Gospel of John (14:6) says he is “the way, the truth, and the light.” Truth does not need to tell any lies about this Jewish prophet and sage who lived two thousand years ago and told us, “Love the Lord your God [Creation] with all of your heart, all of your soul, all of your mind. . . . Love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:30–31). That’s it! Love is the answer.

As for the Big Lie about voter fraud and lost elections, I strongly suggest one does not pray to NoOneUpThere for an answer because there is NoOneUpThere to ask, “Why Big Lies?”

My best answer: we believe what we want to believe, not necessarily the truth, so NoOneUpThere continues to exist and Biden won the 2020 election.


Peace Love Joy Hope


Photo courtesy of Nathan Anderson (CC0)

6 thoughts on “The Big Lie”

  1. Damned if after telling us you weren’t going to speak of voter fraud, you couldn’t resist! At 12, in Episcopal church camp, I questioned where Heaven was, the priest was condescending. It was a “concept.” So much to laugh about when you don’t cry because of the lies.

  2. I would like to deliver that message to Caney Creek Church of xxxxxx.
    With a high performance PU waiting just outside the vestable.

  3. Another great post, Padre Bil! Hope you don’t mind the “Padre”. I still consider myself an Episcopalian and old habits die hard.
    Could you speak to us sometime soon about prayer, for those of us who believe in Creation as “God”?


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