Sorry! No Blog Post This Week

About six months ago, my editor and some friends suggested that I write more positive, inspiring blog posts. I thought that was a good idea and gave it a try. However, a few weeks ago, I realized I was back to my old ways.

I’m going to try again.

My first idea was to do something positive about Ukraine. I could write about how brave their soldiers were, but then I had to face the reality that it was mass slaughter by the Russians, and no one needs to hear more about that genocide.

How about a nice piece about the United Nations and NATO and their great efforts at keeping peace? However, I can’t get it out of my head that both spend lots of money maintaining themselves but don’t do much in the way of concrete action to stop Russian and bring about peace. That’s not a story.

I went to a pro-choice demonstration on Saturday, May 14, in Santa Ana, California. It was filled with people who sense the end of Roe v. Wade and a politicized Supreme Court bent on dismantling equality for women. I suspect the LGBTQ+ community is next. That would be another angry story.

There was no way I could ever find a positive story in the mass shootings that are a pandemic in this country (twenty-one people were murdered in one day), because the so-called leadership seem to have only one solution: “thoughts and prayers.” That blog post could melt my laptop.

How about the police? They no longer are “officers of the peace” but more like small armies who seem to have their own form of justice with daily murders, cop gangs, and a continual abuse of power. No positive story there.

How about a story about how our nation’s leaders are fighting poverty? Obviously, they aren’t, but they have no problem passing an obscenely expensive defense budget. It would not be a kind story about how Congress does next to nothing to alleviate poverty in the world’s richest country.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could write a positive article about how we are trying to end the epidemic of suicide in this country? But the only topics I come up with are our refusal to deal creatively with our drug epidemic, the reckless sale of armament, the outrageous cost of legal drugs to help combat mental illness, and the dearth of centers and personnel to deal with people who are having trouble coping with reality. No good story there.

I would love to write a blog post on the positive influences of our religious institutions in our country, but all I can find are sad tales of one group trying to radicalize our country into being a theocracy while the other religious institutions remain deafeningly silent about social issues.

I am so sorry, dear readers, but there won’t be a blog post this week. I apologize and shall try harder to find some positivity next week.

Peace Love Joy Hope


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4 thoughts on “Sorry! No Blog Post This Week”

  1. I feel as though you and I just shared a Vulcan mind—meld. I find it difficult to put my thoughts into words, but you do it beautifully. I am a friend of Judie Kesson and wish I could have met you and your wife on your visit to NC. You are helping me through the waters I struggle with, especially religion. Thank you for having the words of my heart.

  2. What a cranky old man. Write a blog about successful young people who are working to correct some of societies ills. Write about one or two of your grandchildren. Yes the world is going to hell, but you need a glass of red wine and your favorite food before you write the next one. Maybe some weed too!


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