Hitler’s Gang Is Back

When I was a history major in college, I was intrigued by World War II. I always wondered how Adolf Hitler convinced the Lutheran Church that he was a good guy.

Fast-forward to February 2022, when the Russians started a massive buildup on the Ukrainian border. I was surprised that the free world just watched as dictator Vladmir Putin bullied Ukraine using the Nazi’s playbook of the 1930s. It goes like this:

  1. Putin helps the Russians modernize their leftover Communist regime, becomes their “darling,” and then manages to be elected for life.
  2. He eliminated, and still does, all opposition.
  3. He builds his military.
  4. He gets the church on his side.
  5. He starts invading weaker, vulnerable neighbors in the name of Russian national pride.
  6. The free world sits back and watches as he continues his invasions of nearby neighbors.

Dr. Fink, my college history professor and tutor, repeatedly said, “History never repeats itself.” I wondered if he had ever read the Bible. I now state, “Humanity just keeps doing the same dumb thing over and over.”

The Los Angeles Times, on March 29, 2022, in an article entitled “Putin Ally Offering Up a Spiritual Defense for War,” then exposes the role of the Russian Orthodox Church and its patriarch, Kirill (seventy-five years old), who declares Putin’s war “as the apocalyptic battle against evil forces that have sought to destroy the God-given unity of holy Russia.” Really?

Kirill and Putin are buddies from way back in the Soviet era, both having connections with the Russian KGB. The patriarch deems Putin’s rule as “the miracle of God” and then claims, “We all belong to the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.” I suspect the Ukrainians who broke away from the Russian Orthodox Church in 2020 want nothing to do with Russia’s “One Holy Catholic Apostolic” cult—especially after Kirill blessed the Russian troops as they headed off to loot Ukraine and slaughter innocent people. Kirill’s church has more than thirty-five thousand priests scattered throughout Russia. Some three hundred, less than 1 percent of its clergy, signed a letter appealing for peace.

Obviously, the Russian Orthodox Church’s leadership and clergy have put the seal of approval on the slaughter of innocents. This sounds just like Hitler’s plan. The Russian church has become Putin’s puppet.

It’s time to recognize Putin’s church as part of the bloodthirsty Russian killers, who exemplify “humanity doing the same dumb thing over and over.” Putin is not going to be stopped by anything but brute force. Sorry pacifists! Putin has to be stopped by war. If not, pacifists become part of the problem and not the solution.

Maybe it’s time for the church to stop praying for peace and start praying that the free world wins World War III and end this twenty-first-century butcher, the “religious” Putin and his enablers.

Peace Love Joy Hope

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Hitler’s Gang Is Back”

  1. How do we explain the cult worship of firearms? …it is not just the rabid radical owners but many in the American Evangelical Fundamentalist mentality.
    I go with Twainks version, “History may not repeat itself, but it surely rhymes.l
    Whose children will be the next to die?

  2. Bril Bil. I join in your recognition of a tyrant. It is remarkable how unoriginal they are. Of course, it really takes neither courage not intelligence to be a thug. Just takes the willingness to get others to die for you.

  3. Bill, I am not sure that starting WW3 is the best solution to stop Putin. NATO is helping the Ukraine albeit in a minor way. Hitler had no opposition to his March through Europe. Putin didn’t count on the fact that his brutal military invasion of the Ukraine would stir Europe into opposition against him. We now have Sweden and Finland clamouring to join NATO despite Turkey not wanting Sweden to join NATO.
    Putin’s military adventurism has worked against him and only China has given him any support. I predict in a few years that Mr Putin will be removed by mounting internal opposition. Putin’s days are numbered.

  4. Many thanks Wayne for reading my blogs and responding. I agree: Putin’s days are numbered but a few years entails millions dying. And I strongly suspect China is looking hard and has started its plan to invade Taiwan.
    NATO and the US only show weakness to me. Despots love weakness.
    I wish you were my neighbor then we could really discuss all the innuendos, for a couple of hours. Pax Bil


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