Don’t Impeach—Be Creative

At this stage of Trump’s presidency, no one knows if he is truly impeachable. We do know that he has told countless lies since he became president. We know that he is highly disorganized mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and that he has a huge credibility problem with the rest of the world.

We also know that he has the loyal support of his party and constituents. It seems no matter what he does, good or bad, his supporters will back him.

Some of us see our democracy melting away under Trump and a form of autocracy rearing its ugly head.

I want Trump’s opponents and investigators to quietly figure out all the implications before we talk about impeachment.

I would like to see progressive presidential candidates present a clear and simple platform about how we can bring this great nation back to freedom and justice for all.

Some candidates are running on a platform of “I hate Trump—so elect me.” I hope they drop out soon.

Other candidates are running on giving the store away but not counting the costs.

A few candidates seem to be running on their egos.

I want to hear from candidates who want to form bridges so allpeople in our country are recognized and included.

As a person of faith, I want equality.

For half of my lifetime (I’m now eighty-seven), we have not had an intelligent immigration policy. This country should be represented by Ellis Island, not the Gestapo destroying families at the border. I can’t believe that folks in DC can’t design a workable program

If the politicians in Washington need help, they can call me. I have lots of ideas.

Providing educational opportunities for everyone two years old and up needs to be a top priority. That’s much more important than developing armaments that can destroy civilization.

Let’s stop saddling people who want a college education with debt that they can’t pay off until they’re ready to retire. We should provide an affordable education for all.

We need to keep our allies around the world. For two years, the Trump administration has alienated almost every friend and befriended nations intent on destroying us.

Our justice (or injustice) system needs a major overhaul. Rehabilitation is the answer, not dehumanizing people so they’re back in prison within months.

We are such a creative country—let’s develop a healthcare system for all. Big pharma might have to take a hit.

How about taxation equality?

Has DC looked at our infrastructure recently? Fixing that mess would keep millions employed for decades.

I want to have my creative imagination tickled by politicians, not my anger stirred by a man who has no moral compass and is incompetent at being a president.

Trump has foot-in-mouth syndrome and is destroying himself. Let him continue.

Let’s demand that his political opponents talk about positive ways to make our nation a democracy again. Some seem to have no real platform.

What think ye?

Image courtesy of Cary Bass-Deschenes (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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