And She Replied . . .

The other day, I asked a woman if she went to church. She responded, “I’m a Bible-believing Christian!” It was an innocent question with an unexpectedly strong response. Jesus taught me to ask a question when answering a question (he asked 307 questions), so I asked, “What do you believe about the Bible?” Here’s how … Read more

Hale Kipa

Our quick trip to Hawai‘i lasted only six days, but during that time some fantastic events happened. In the last three blog posts, I shared some. Here is one more. In 1967, while in New York City, I visited Covenant House, a shelter providing services for homeless youth. I did this because I knew that … Read more

Accept versus Respect

I received this notice from our tax preparer, “Joe,” on January 3, 2020. “I trust you will respect my decisions. In an effort to be totally transparent you need to know that—after much study and thought—I have NOT received any of the shots. And I will no longer wear a mask at my income tax … Read more