The World’s Oldest Conspiracy Theory

In my ninety-one years, I have never been so aware of the preponderance of conspiracy theories floating around. For example, recently I heard a woman state definitively that the government inserted tracking material into all the COVID-19 vaccinations so it could follow all our movements. The worst part is she believed it! Then, my mind … Read more

And She Replied . . .

The other day, I asked a woman if she went to church. She responded, “I’m a Bible-believing Christian!” It was an innocent question with an unexpectedly strong response. Jesus taught me to ask a question when answering a question (he asked 307 questions), so I asked, “What do you believe about the Bible?” Here’s how … Read more

How to Negate Baptisms

If you want your baptisms to be invalid in the Roman Catholic Church, say, “we” instead of “I” during the rite. This nitpicking fact made international news when an American Roman Catholic priest, between 2005 to 2022, said “we,” meaning the body of believers, as he baptized folks. Canon law lawyers have ruled that a … Read more