It Took Me Ninety Years to Write My Next Book

It look me ninety years to write my newest book, How to Make Love (the Agape kind) with Jesus.

It started on October 28, 1932, when I entered the world, son of Ham, an Episcopal priest, and Pearl, my mom and a saint. As a PK (Preacher’s Kid), I fell in love with the Episcopal church (not all PKs like church), and it became my life, until college, when I divorced the church and married Saint Cerveza.

When I graduated from college, I went to Officers Candidate School in the Marine Corps and had a foxhole conversion. Three years later, I started seminary. In my second year, I was involved in a horrendous accident. My best friend was killed, and I was badly banged up. The day after, an Episcopal priest came into my room and asked, “What did you and Brad do to deserve this?” I was furious with him, but over the years I have become extremely grateful. That question forced me to deal with the concept of God. I wanted nothing to do with the god of that priest, which I have since dubbed NoOneUpThere and replaced it with a much broader concept. Unfortunately, the church still believes in NoOneUpThere, and I’m not welcome in most churches.

Something interesting happens when one negates the gods who live in mansions above the third firmament of the flat earth: the theology of the church disappears, and so does its imaginary son, immaculate conceptions, trinities, physical resurrections, and so on.

Suddenly, the real historical Jesus, a young charismatic Jewish itinerant preacher appears, and out pops his true message, very different from the fictitious Jesuses in the Bible. I can identify easily with this Jewish Jesus and his life-transforming message for Followers. Also, equally interesting is the unbelievable fable about his so-called physical resurrection. his parable is not a true story but a life-saving metaphor about daily living.

My new book explains these concepts. Although my book was ninety years in the making, my message is explained in eighty pages. If you’re interested in looking into this way of thinking, I’ve included a forty-page workbook to help you start. It even has a special binding so you can lay the book flat and write in answers to the questions.)

I invite you to look at How to Make Love (the Agape kind) with Jesus. It can be transformative in your daily life, and if the dying church were to adopt its principles, the long overdue reformation would happen before our eyes. I show you how to reform your own life in the book.

Warning! This provocative book will challenge your thinking and maybe your belief in God, Jesus, prayer, the meaning of crucifixion and resurrection, the institutional church, and how you live your life on a daily basis. But if these new concepts make sense, I can guarantee this book will be transformative. The true message of Jesus tells me exactly what I have to do every day when I get out of bed, which makes my life rich and fulfilling.


You can find my book How to Make Love (the Agape kind) with Jesus at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local bookstore.

You can also join me at my book launch at the Irvine United Congregational Church on September 17, 2023. My book will be sold at special even pricing: one for $15, two for $25, and three or more for $10 each.

Peace Love Joy Hope



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5 thoughts on “It Took Me Ninety Years to Write My Next Book”

    • Many thanks Wayne for your nice email. I wish many more folks felt the way you do. Unfortunately, I am seen as a heretic and unwelcomed in most churches. My sin: Critical thinking. The church hates it. It wrecks their game. PeaceLoveJoyHope

  1. Bil, I am looking forward to reading your latest book. Congratulations on this achievement. I am so glad that I have come to know you and love you.

  2. Bil, Congratulations on the publication of your latest book. I look forward to reading and appreciating it. It is a blessing that we have come to know and love you.


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