Invented Gods: Mr. Fix-It

This is the third part of a six-part series about the many different invented gods that Christians worship. Personally, I prefer to worship Creation. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

I suspect you have heard people say “Turn your troubles over to God,” implying he will fix them.” I’ve also heard “God save the King or Queen” or “God bless America” or “God bless you” or “God loves you.”

How about “Jesus died for your sins” or “Jesus saves”?

All those sayings sound nice, and politicians and religious folks sure love to throw them around, but what do they mean? To me, they are empty platitudes. I always want to ask how God is supposed to magically solve people’s problems, but my wife doesn’t like me to ask that question.

The Mr. Fix-It god goes by many names, such as Savior, Rescuer, Deliverer, Life Giver, Redeemer, and so on.

People have told me they talk to God and he talks to them—even outside of a mental hospital. They usually want God to “fix” them, or they want to tell him what to do this week. I had an acquaintance who had nothing to do with God for eighty-four years, but when she got cancer, she became very religious and expected Mr. Fix-It to rescue her. Guess how that worked out?

Humanity invented the Mr. Fix-It god because people don’t want to assume responsibility, or they don’t know how to fix their problems and aren’t interested in learning how, or they need someone to blame for their issues.

I have several problems with Mr. Fix-It:

  1. There’s NoOneUpThere, so I’m just talking to myself.
  2. Obviously, Mr. Fix-It is a man. I’ve never heard of a Ms. or Mrs. Fix-It. That’s sexist.
  3. This is just another form of the Big Daddy god.
  4. Sigmund Freud thought religion was juvenile, and this god proves it.
  5. I become furious at Mr. Fix-It when he fixes a bad guy but doesn’t fix the good guy.
  6. As long as people think Mr. Fix-It is around, they will refuse to take responsibility for themselves.
  7. Supposedly, this god has a divine plan to take care of everything. (Shh! That plan is actually how the institutional church keeps women subservient, white guys in power, LGBTQUI people excluded, citizens unquestioning and compliant, and the religious authorities in control.) Divine plans are hogwash!

I believe that even if religions are invented, they can help keep humanity on a positive track.

My god is Creation, which demands that I lead a creative life. The foundation stone of my faith is agape, the highest form of love, which not only allows me to be creative but also gives me a game plan. Agape is unconditional, forgiving, accepting of all people no matter where they are on their life journey, and caring toward creation and all creatures. Agape demands that I be responsible for my actions or lack of action. Blame, victim mentality, prejudices, and irresponsibility have no place in my religion.

What do you think of Mr. Fix-It?


Image courtesy of Thomas Autumn (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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