I Really Don’t Care. Do U?

What shock of the day is going to come out of the White House next?

I have a difficult time believing that Melania Trump even has a garment that says “I really don’t care. Do U?” Worse, she wore it in public. Worst of all, she wore it on to visit children who sought asylum but were separated from their parents. Where were her handlers?

The world is waiting for her tweet to explain that one. I suspect that tweet won’t come, so I’ll make some guesses.

My first guess is that she has no clue how offensive that saying is. Because English is not her native language, maybe she doesn’t understand the innuendoes.

My second guess is that she really feels that way. I do not perceive Melania as warm and fuzzy. She appears aloof, disinterested, and bored, like a tin soldier. I feel she is uncomfortable in her own skin.

My third guess is that she’s in agreement with most of the Republican Party, who keep saying, “I really don’t care. Do you?” Last week, they tried to reduce Medicare and Medicaid by trillions of dollars. Why should they care? They have their own separate, top-of-the-line healthcare program. I wonder if they remember who pays for that.

My fourth guess is that the whole event was carefully staged, and Melania didn’t get close to the reality of the damage that her husband and his cronies have done to these children and their families.

My fifth guess is that Melania is like her husband and has no moral compass. It seems that they only care about what’s in it for them.

I heard Melania went back to the same refugee center to try again—without her notorious jacket. Maybe that time, she learned something, like don’t wear a jacket that says “I don’t care” when you’re pretending to care.

I wonder if she witnessed children screaming for their parents, being housed in chainlink cells, and marching around the facility in military fashion, all the while having no idea where they are or if they’ll ever see their families again. I suspect not! Mrs. Trump lives in a very different world where opulence rules.

We’d all know Melania cared if the headlines read “Mrs. Trump Demands Husband Stop This Travesty Immediately—or Else!” Unfortunately, I think she is going to go with the message on her jacket.

Why is this topic worth a blog post?

First, I am so proud of the many Americans who went after Donald Trump and his administration with their fangs out. They initiated the push to end this travesty. However, according to the press, Trump’s executive order purporting to stop the separation of families doesn’t do much. It consists mostly of empty words.

Second, I’d guess about three-quarters of the folks in this country were highly embarrassed by this horrendous imprisonment of destitute people. This is not how one makes America great again! It has quite the opposite effect.

Third, I’m a faith-based person who takes Jesus’s commands to “feed my sheep” (John 21:17) and care for the “least of these” (Matthew 25:40) very seriously.

Above all, I would never consider owning any garment with an “I don’t care” message, much less allow it in my home. Such a message is the opposite of my core beliefs.

But if someone presented me with a garment saying “I really do care! I hope you do too,” I’d wear it 24/7. If you have one, I’ll send you my address and a check.

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