I Have an Idea

I have an idea: let’s reinstate the death penalty nationally—but there’s a caveat!

I concocted this brilliant idea after Robert Bowers, age fifty, was sentenced to death on August 2, 2023, for murdering eleven innocent Jewish folks and wounding six others at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on October 27, 2018. This horrendous act of cowardice was done by a radical-right, mentally deranged white man who hated Jews with a deep-seated passion.

Here’s the caveat to my plan: a large group of others need to be “executed” at the same time.

The first one is the president of the company that manufactured the weapon Bowers used. It always baffles me why gun manufacturers of the weapons that murder innocent people get away with murder and never have to be responsible. Maybe this will force gun manufacturers into being much more responsible.

How about the salesperson who sold Bowers the weapon? A thorough vetting of everyone who buys any weapon could certainly reduce the number of unfit people who buy weapons to kill others.

Next, let’s go to Congress and choose the Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader who for decades have refused to bring to the floor any discussion about controlling the purchase and use of weapons. After that, we can choose any member of Congress who has voted against new gun legislation.

Of course, an official of the NRA also needs to be dealt with.

Next, let’s go back forty-five years to Bowers’s schooling. The district in which he was raised has collect thousands of federal dollars for special education that obviously weren’t used to help Bowers. Although he was bright, his school district forgot to educate him, so he dropped out of school. Let’s include the person in charge of special education in Bowers’s school district.

We can’t forget the mental health care system in Pennsylvania that failed Bowers throughout his life.

Of course, my plan is totally ludicrous, but is it any more ludicrous than having a Congress that refuses to even deal with our weapons and mass killing issues; an NRA that rules our nation’s gun laws; or the legal rendering of our Second Amendment, which gives anyone and almost everyone the ability to buy armaments suitable for a small army?

Here’s my real solution: elect a Congress that cares about its people more than lobbyists and money, deem the NRA as a terrorist group, eliminate the Second Amendment, and get rid of the death penalty forever, like most developed countries have.

Peace Love Joy Hope



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3 thoughts on “I Have an Idea”

  1. Truthfully, Bil, I have mixed feelings about this. While I have not believed in the death penalty it just seems there are times when nothing else seems to fit. It isn’t mere retaliation–nothing brings back the lives of those who died But we must excise the evil in our society— a cancer growing out of control everywhere. It is metastasizing. Like you said in your article, the real culprit here is a Congress that refuses to do its job of protecting the public Worst of all, the most vocal and adamant supporters of this evil are the right-wing Christians. Who is the worst culprit????

    • I always appreciate your input. There are awful people in the world but none of them got that way w/o help from society. John story indicates he became a monster because of many failing agencies and his own mother. I also believe every person should be given a chance to change; even if locked in prison which is a barbaric system in itself. I suspect you’re right about the worst culprit…the Xn right. Which always makes me asks: How can Shirley live there? You are one brave lady!

  2. The Second Amendment calls for a well regulated militia, um, regulated by the government, not just any hateful person who wants to murder innocent people. Disgusting. You are spot on, Bil, as usual. Juls


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