How? And Why?

He is a narcissist, pathological liar, misogynist, racist, cheater (on his wives, taxes, business associates, and employees for starters), vengeful and crude person, opportunist, wannabe dictator, conspiracist, insurrectionist (he even led one against his own country), and phony with ninety-one felony counts. Oh yes, he was the forty-fifth president of the United States and the poster boy for Christian fundamentalists (fourth member of the Trinity), and 78 percent of the Republican Party support him. So far, he is also their candidate for the 2024 election. Yikes! Our democracy is on the line.

To me, he’s evil and morally corrupt.

But this blog post is asking, how did this happen, and why is it still happening? Let me share some of my thoughts.

  • How? He convinced fundamentalist Christians that he would deliver for them, and they voted en masse for him regardless of the fact that he was morally corrupt (my proof that they are a cult that hides behind Jesus’s robes).
    Why? He promised to deliver and did so with a packed Supreme Court who have chipped away at women’s right to choose and eliminated affirmative action in higher education. The Fourteenth Amendment may be next.
  • How? Fox News promulgated his lies, 24/7.
    Why? For the money and the ratings.
  • How? Social media sites were willing to publish all the conspiracy theories and blatant lies, allowing people to say anything they want.
    Why? They are unregulated, and their objective is not to tell truth but again make money and be popular. Their objectives are killing democracy.
  • How? Our educational system is badly broken and insists on teaching to the test rather than training our youth how to think critically, the foundation stone for a flourishing democracy.
    Why? High test marks seem to be more important than teaching critical thinking. Bad mistake. Also, almost all religions demand blind obedience and discourage any thinking, which results in too many Americans not knowing how to think, question, and stand up to authority. Case in point: I have never had an intelligent discussion with a fundamentalist Christian or Trumper.
  • How? Governing is no longer about compromise but about winning.
    Why? See opening paragraph: doing so gets you the votes. Compromise is out. Winning, at any price, is in.
  • How? Decency is out. Name-calling, labeling, denigrating, violence, and blatant lying are the new norm.
    Why? Again, see the first paragraph. His followers love hate.
  • How? People gravitate toward him because then they can blame everyone else for their troubles, just like their hero.
    Why? I learned a long time ago that when we point a finger at someone or something else as the problem, three fingers are pointing back at us. But his supporters ignore the three fingers because then they would have to admit they are the problem, not the solution.

My biggest question is, Are all the other citizens of our great country going to allow this to happen again, or are we all willing to dedicate a great deal of our time, talents, and treasure to make sure that this country protects our greatest assets, our fragile Constitution and democracy with freedom and justice for all?

Where do you stand?

Peace Love Joy Hope



Photo courtesy of Heinrich Hoffmann; Phot-colorization (CC-BY-SA 3.0)

9 thoughts on “How? And Why?”

  1. You know that I agree with you 100%. We saw it coming back in the 80’s when you said it wasn’t communism we had to fear, it was the Christian fundamentalists.

  2. Thank you Bill, for saying it all so succinctly. Christianity has been hijacked by white male entitlement and their unwillingness to share.

  3. Deep appreciation for your documentation of the perils we face. As former Fundamentalist Christians, we are horrified with the use of the Church by political fascists. We share the sense of extreme irony. I am confident we can restore Kindness and Hope to the world.
    Your lessons, and the example of Taylor Swift, are proof.

    • Thanks Wayne. It’s scary time because his groupies are irrational. My favorite: He’s good businessman. That says a lot about who they are. I’m thinking of going to Tibet until November 6 and go from there. PeaceLove JoyHopeKindness Bil

  4. You hit all the right notes in this symphony of truth.
    We are in trouble. What forces are in play that we can count on? Are there potential events that could be turning points? Are there leaders who have yet to lead a way out? My pessimism has almost overcome me. Is there anything that I have not perceived that may show signs of democracy being resilient?


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