Fallout from SCOTUS

Every time the Supreme Court issued a verdict this past summer, I felt another nail in the coffin of our democracy. It was depressing. I sensed the approach of a theocracy controlled by the ultraconservative religious right. I felt helpless about how to stop this fast-moving train wreck.

On August 20, 2022, I attended a lecture by Eddie Tabash, a most knowledgeable lawyer and member of the board of directors of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Eddie was brilliant, and by the end of his one-hour lecture and Q and A, I once again had hope and a much more positive outlook.

His response about how to neutralize the present Supreme Court was simple: encourage more people to vote, most of whom have no interest in a theocracy. The majority of our country is not affiliated with the religious right. We need to convince these voters that our freedom is at stake and every vote is extremely important unless they want to live in a country run by an ultraconservative, unyielding Christian dictatorship, which would look like this:

  1. No form of abortion would ever be acceptable. Anyone supporting abortion will be imprisoned and fined.
  2. Marriage would be between only a man and a woman. Any other union would be illegal and heavily penalized.
  3. Gay and transgender people would be imprisoned or executed.
  4. Women would not be allowed any form of leadership and must be submissive to men.
  5. Children would be obedient to their fathers or be institutionalized.
  6. There would be Christian (specifically their form of Christian) prayers in all schools and before all public meetings and maybe even private ones.
  7. All stores, businesses, sporting events, and entertainment venues would be closed on Sundays.
  8. Other religions and many mainstream Christian denominations would not be tolerated.
  9. Books, movies, and television shows would be censured.
  10. Police would arrest anyone who does not comply with the theocracy and receive long prison sentences.
  11. Travel would be restricted for nonbelievers, both leaving and entering the country.
  12. Neighbors, friends, and families would be encouraged and rewarded for turning in those who do not comply.
  13. Immigration would be severely limited.

And this is just the start.

If you think all this is not possible, visit Iran, China, Russia, Egypt, Uganda, or the forty-seven or so other dictatorships in our world today.

Eddie suggested that SCOTUS could be easily neutralized if we vote the right people into office. The Supreme Court has power only because Congress will not work together to resolve issues and ratify laws. Vote only for people who believe the following:

  1. Liberty and justice is for all. This includes overhauling our unjust justice system.
  2. Women have total control of themselves and their bodies.
  3. There should be a total and complete separation between the church and the state.
  4. The immigration system needs to be completely revamped.
  5. The LGBTQIA+ community has all the rights and privileges of every other citizen.

See you at the polls.


Peace Love Joy Hope


Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Fallout from SCOTUS”

  1. Iran is the best example happening right now. The best way to prevent our faltering democracy from turning into a potential Christian theocracy is by voting blue this coming November.

  2. Speak out!! Call or e-mail representatives (Fed, Sate) to deman justice for those are diished by MAGA. Participate in phone banks, etc. Thank you for sharing your experience listening to Eddie Tabash.

    Bishop Gene Robinson spoke powerfully about Christians and Justice this morning at the Washington at the National Cathedral.


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