Are Pro-Lifers Really Pro-Life?

Are pro-lifers actually pro-life? My short answer: no, and for several reasons:

  1. If the pro-lifers truly cared about the life of fetuses and newborns, they would be advocating daily for the best maternity and childcare system in the world. In reality, the United States has one of the worst records for prenatal care and childcare in any developed country—we come in at forty-second. Where are the pro-life folks?
  2. Pro-lifers would be on the front lines advocating for strict gun laws. In reality, many advocate for more firearms in schools, churches, government buildings, and everywhere. How is this pro-life?
  3. Many states have passed laws that restrict abortions except in extreme cases. Interestingly, they have passed no laws going after the men who caused the pregnancy (see biology 101). All these anti-abortion measures are actually all about men’s need to control women.
  4. Those who are for life should be strong advocates against capital punishment, which ends lives, even though some of those people are innocent. One more time: pro-lifers, your silence is deafening.
  5. I don’t see a long list of pro-lifers standing in line waiting to adopt all the unwanted babies. Once again, the real issue is not about saving fetuses but controlling women because too many men are seriously threatened by the power of women.
  6. If pro-lifers truly cared about humanity, they would close the disgraceful prison and jail system in the United States. The objective of almost all incarceration systems is to dehumanize those who are there, guilty or not. Why haven’t pro-lifers shut those down? Because they focus only on microscopic eggs.
  7. Pro-lifers should take a stand against police brutality. So much of the policing system in our country are not about being “officers of the peace” about “officers of legalized abuse of power.” One more time, the so-called lifers turn their backs on the horrendous behavior of too many police who get away with destroying life.
  8. How many pro-lifers have you seen fighting for the life of our planet which is dying? My take is that they are too busy making sure that women keep popping out babies.
  9. Some may think this argument is silly, but if pro-lifers are really for life, they should stop eating beef, pork, poultry, seafood, wild game, and all other living creatures.
  10. And finally, from the sublime to the ridiculous: pro-lifers must stop swatting mosquitoes, stepping on ants, and gassing cockroaches. Those insects are “life.”

The worst part of the pro-life movement, for me, is seeing so many women involved in a system that is all about denying them equal rights. Wake up ladies! It’s not about fetuses. It’s really about controlling you. In a true democracy, women should be able to control their own bodies and not be dictated to by a bunch of neutered old men in Rome.

I am pro-life and pro-choice. All lives should have choices.

Peace Love Joy Hope


P.S. Abortion rates haven’t slowed down, the procedures and services have just gone underground. Thanks, pro-lifers, for making abortions unsafe and killing more mothers and babies! And you are for life, right?


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