Welcome to “What Bil Is Saying”

welcome-to-what-bil-is-sayingI am a retired Episcopal priest who has been ordained for almost sixty years and in the church business all my life (I’m a “PK,” a preacher’s kid). For years, I have struggled with what the church has told me I have to believe because so much of it doesn’t make any sense. Some of the church’s teachings defy reality, nature, logic, and common sense. On the other hand, the teachings of Jesus make great sense, and his message has changed the direction of my life as well as the direction of history.

I could not possibly believe in the theistic god who, since the fifteenth century, we have been told doesn’t exist. I believe the Bible is a religious history, not the word of No One Up There. I see Jesus as a charismatic prophet sage—not the son of something that doesn’t exist. But what a punch he packed with his world-changing message!

I go to church every Sunday, pray every day, read the Bible religiously, and have written four books about religion. I consider myself a Christian—a progressive one who knows that Jesus is my christ. But some folks who read my books and listen to my lectures don’t see me as a Christian, primarily because I don’t do Christianity their way.

I have great respect for faiths whose foundation stone is love. And I believe that women, the LGBTQU community, felons, and even politicians should have full membership in any church that advocates agape, love. Any church that talks about Jesus should be open to everyone.

Above all, I’d love to start a dialogue with my readers because I think that sharing ideas is the best way a person can grow. So welcome to my blog. I hope you’ll subscribe and share a comment in future posts, peek at my website, pick up my newest book, Cramming for the Finals, when it comes out, and start cramming.

Let the conversations begin!


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