Thanks Again, Religious Bigots

Five more members of the LGBTQIA+ community have been murdered in Colorado Springs. Why? My take: The constant negative derogatory rhetoric about “gays” from those who call themselves religious keeps killing (literally and figuratively) the members of the LGBTQIA+ community. These “religious” people come dressed as Christians, Mormons, Muslims, and Orthodox Jews as well as … Read more

Closure . . . Finally

This is the third blog post about our quick trip to Hawai‘i from September 1 to 8. So many positive events happened, and I want to share another. It’s about turning a negative experience into a positive one. In June 1967, our family moved from Maui back to Honolulu for an exciting experimental ministry with … Read more

Sixty-Two Years and Counting

On September 8, 2022, my wife and I returned from a very busy week in Hawai‘i. In my last blog post, I shared my camp experience. In this one, I want to share a little about the Bil and Anne love story, which started sixty-two years ago at Makapu‘u while body-surfing in the ocean. In … Read more

Justice Defenders

The world needs more defenders of justice—as long as it’s moral justice and not today’s idea of legal justice, which is neither legal (e.g., false testimony by cops) nor just (e.g., the rich can buy justice). My wife and I have been 60 Minutes fans from the beginning. On Sunday evening, we watched the fifteen-minute … Read more

Fallout from SCOTUS

Every time the Supreme Court issued a verdict this past summer, I felt another nail in the coffin of our democracy. It was depressing. I sensed the approach of a theocracy controlled by the ultraconservative religious right. I felt helpless about how to stop this fast-moving train wreck. On August 20, 2022, I attended a … Read more

Why Is It So Hard to Die?

A man I knew was one hundred years old and ready to move on, but something in him wouldn’t let him. He stated, “I never knew it would be so hard to die.” Interesting comment! In my sixty-three years of ministry, I have watched many people want to die but their “battery” wouldn’t stop. Why … Read more

Women Have to Lead

Shortly after the nullification of Roe v. Wade, I received an email from one of my blog readers that complained about how the Bible seems so anti-woman. She wanted me to reinterpret the Torah in favor of women. I would love to do that, but in the Old Testament, women are usually considered property. My … Read more

Who Am I? L? G? B? T? Q? I? A? +?

Ninety years ago, most of the world believed that the only sexual orientation was between a man and a woman. No one spoke about any other options, even though they existed. In college, I learned about those who were queer (the Q in LGBTQIA+), then a pejorative. My vocabulary also included fairy, fag, and homo … Read more

Christian Nationalism Is Neither

Every time I read or hear something about Christian nationalism, I shudder. This movement has nothing to do with Jesus, Christianity, or the US Constitution, which demands the separation of church and state. Christian nationalism is an attempt to establish a militaristic theocracy. For most of my life, the word Christian has been positive despite … Read more

Why Is It So Hard to Follow Jesus?

In my sixty-three years of ministry, I have encountered dozens of different Jesuses. In my own life, the Sunday School Jesus was white with well-coiffed brown hair and a brilliant white flowing gown, looking like he just got off the boat from Sweden. My young adult Jesus appeared human but was really God. Seminary’s Jesus … Read more