by Bil Aulenbach

Invented Gods: The Great Planner

This is the fifth part of a six-part series about the many different invented gods that Christians worship. Personally, I prefer to worship Creation. You can find Part 1 here, and Part 2 here, Part 3 here, and Part 4 here

Many see God as the Great Planner or Master Puppeteer who masterminds every detail of all seven billion–plus human lives on earth. The Great Planner supposedly designed the entire universe, all two to four trillion galaxies. Nobody knows whether the Master Puppeteer manages other planets besides Earth.

I guess that means the Great Planner arranged my motorcycle accident in 1958 and had my friend Brad killed by a fire truck. One person actually told me, “God must have needed two Episcopal seminarians in heaven.” Fortunately for me, the Master Puppeteer didn’t do the job very well, so I was spared.

Years later, I heard that the fire-truck driver ended up in a mental institution and died of a drug addiction because of the accident. Did the Master Puppeteer punish the driver for not doing the job correctly, or was that part of a new plan designed for me?

 Have you ever heard people say “There’s a reason for everything”? This implies that God has a special plan for everybody. Unfortunately, NoOneUpThere never shared that plan with me, so for eighty-seven years, I’ve been doing my own thing.

I’ve heard from too many clergypeople that God has a plan for everyone. I guess that means every action, even writing blog posts, is the result of the Master Puppeteer pulling strings. I have often wondered if divine plans are actually created by scammers hiding behind religion.

Religious folks like to impress people, so they use big words to describe the Great Planner. For example, they like to use omnipresent, which means this god is in all two to four trillion galaxies at the same time. How exhausting! Another favorite word is omnipotent, which means all-powerful, invincible, and indestructible. The third tongue-twister is omniscient, or all-knowing. That’s a lot of knowledge!

The Great Planner god has other names: Santa Claus, the Master Builder, the Benevolent Dictator, and Superman.

When I see all the wars, destruction, starvation, senseless killings, poverty, and injustice going on in the world, I can only conclude that the Master Puppeteer is either a terrible planner or nonexistent.

The only place such a god could exist is in the minds of people who refuse to act like adults, use their brains, and take responsibility for themselves.

I like my god, Creation, which flourishes all over the universe and requires that I live my life creatively and to the fullest.

People who promulgate the Great Planner are the reason why churches are dying and viewed as irrelevant. Critical thinkers are not interested in such an infantile idea.

We have the choice to believe in either free will or the Great Planner. The daily news always reassures me that free will reigns supreme.

What are your thoughts?


Image courtesy of George Redgrave (CC BY-ND 2.0)

4 Responses to Invented Gods: The Great Planner

  • Your last paragraph…We have the choice to believe in either free will or the Great Planner. The daily news always reassures me that free will reigns supreme.

    Does that mean, there is pre-selection to those who will travel to Heaven and its anti-thesis? Why then have John 3:16 (the ultimate free will)?

    Could it be a particular sect that says only 77,777 will make it to Heaven on Earth is accurate? If so, then give it all you have…while you have it.

  • I agree with you. I don’t believe the Holocaust or other senseless tragedies in life would have happened if God was in control of our lives. We are in control of our own lives and when we live our lives sensibly and lovingly toward all, doing everything we can to make this a more peaceful and loving world, we are doing what Jesus taught.

    God expects us to be his hands in the world. Since God is simply a spirit God has no way except the “still small voice” ,which I believe is our conscious, to influence us to change the world.

  • Another thing I believe is that our minds/brains have much to do with our health. If we constantly choose to believe we can be healthy, we have a much better chance of being healthy. If we choose to eat right and take care of our bodies, that also makes a big difference.

    I believe the value of prayer is the effect it has on the one being prayed for. If THEY believe it helps, it probably does. Again, mind over matter. So I do pray for people. I pray that they will do everything possible to insure their health. If they drink or smoke or overeat on junk food and sit around and watch TV all the time and don’t take care of their bodies, they can’t expect the best outcome.

    I believe we have a lot to say about our state of mind and body. We just need to really believe it and act like we believe it.

  • Thanks Bil, free will is a gift that comes with responsibility.When will folks realize that the bible is essentially metaphor requiring intelligent and outside the box thinking. We have the tools, the knowledge and the passion, for a world of peace, balanced stewardship and spiritual fulfillment; sadly it may take crisis to bring the world in all its’ diversity, to recognize the need for the “agape” you continually remind us of. The first step may be to accept that God is not only a christian, but the god of all (yes, I lean towards panentheism). cheers.

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