Who Am I? L? G? B? T? Q? I? A? +?

Ninety years ago, most of the world believed that the only sexual orientation was between a man and a woman. No one spoke about any other options, even though they existed. In college, I learned about those who were queer (the Q in LGBTQIA+), then a pejorative. My vocabulary also included fairy, fag, and homo … Read more

Christian Nationalism Is Neither

Every time I read or hear something about Christian nationalism, I shudder. This movement has nothing to do with Jesus, Christianity, or the US Constitution, which demands the separation of church and state. Christian nationalism is an attempt to establish a militaristic theocracy. For most of my life, the word Christian has been positive despite … Read more

Why Is It So Hard to Follow Jesus?

In my sixty-three years of ministry, I have encountered dozens of different Jesuses. In my own life, the Sunday School Jesus was white with well-coiffed brown hair and a brilliant white flowing gown, looking like he just got off the boat from Sweden. My young adult Jesus appeared human but was really God. Seminary’s Jesus … Read more

Sorry! No Blog Post This Week

About six months ago, my editor and some friends suggested that I write more positive, inspiring blog posts. I thought that was a good idea and gave it a try. However, a few weeks ago, I realized I was back to my old ways. I’m going to try again. My first idea was to do … Read more

Hitler’s Gang Is Back

When I was a history major in college, I was intrigued by World War II. I always wondered how Adolf Hitler convinced the Lutheran Church that he was a good guy. Fast-forward to February 2022, when the Russians started a massive buildup on the Ukrainian border. I was surprised that the free world just watched … Read more

How to Negate Baptisms

If you want your baptisms to be invalid in the Roman Catholic Church, say, “we” instead of “I” during the rite. This nitpicking fact made international news when an American Roman Catholic priest, between 2005 to 2022, said “we,” meaning the body of believers, as he baptized folks. Canon law lawyers have ruled that a … Read more

Is the Historical Jesus Real?

Is the historical Jesus real? The short answer: yes and no. Jesus left no autobiography. None of the Gospels portray a biography about Jesus. Rather, they are interpretations by the authors of who they wanted Jesus to be. This resulted in the many versions of Jesus. He is God, his Son, part of the Trinity: … Read more

Send in the Dove

As long as I can remember, the Christian Cross has been a part of my life. The Episcopal Church taught me that every time I walk by the Cross I had to stop and bow my head. I never thought twice about it. When I was an acolyte, I would often carry the processional Cross … Read more