by Bil Aulenbach

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I’ve been waiting for over thirty years for this to happen, and I often wondered why it didn’t before now.

I’m referring to the death of George Floyd and the resulting demonstrations and riots. These are the inevitable outcomes of decades of police brutality, our injustice system, a twenty-first century form of slavery (penal institutions packed with poor people of color), the white nationalism that permeates large segments of our country, and a government that constantly ignores gun violence, police brutality, and our founding principle of liberty and justice for all.… Read more >

The Tale of Claire’s Shower

What follows is more of a tale than a story for two reasons:

  1. I only knew Claire for about two years, and as a very private, unfriendly person, she was in no hurry to share information except as needed.
  2. Memories can be tricky, and I originally had no intention of telling her tale, so I didn’t take notes.
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The Real Meaning of Christmas

I first encountered the Reverend David Keighley, an Anglican priest, in one of Bishop John Shelby Spong’s books. David writes Progressive Christian poetry, including “Leaving Home” in Bishop Spong’s book. I read that poem every Friday during my quiet time.

I asked David if I could use “Leaving Home” in my book Cramming for the Finals.… Read more >

Silly Season: Part 1

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, silly season is “a period marked by frivolous, outlandish, or illogical activity or behavior.” This could mean a laidback summer with no school and lots of vacations, but to me, silly season is about fundamentalist Christians’ incessant talk about the “End Times.”

This is the first part of a six-part series about the Christian apocalypse, in which a resuscitated Jesus and his angel army will end civilization and maybe even the universe, usher in the messianic age, and take 144,000 of the elect (who the elect are is debatable) someplace where they’ll live eternally.Read more >

Liberty U—a Nasty Misnomer

Liberty University was founded by Jerry Falwell Sr., a fundamentalist preacher who also started Moral Majority, a self-appointed, self-righteous, judgmental hate tank.

Moral Majority was part of the religious right—which is neither. But I do give it credit for keeping homophobia alive and well.

To keep all this judgment and hatred going for generations, Falwell started Liberty University (then Lynchburg Baptist College) in Lynchburg, Virginia.… Read more >

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