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by Bil Aulenbach

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My New Prayer

Because I call myself an A-theist (someone who doesn’t believe in a human-like god UpThere), people think I can’t, don’t, or won’t pray. In truth, I pray every day, usually early in the morning.

I pray that people find strength and hope, live with reality, forgive, and deal creatively with what life has to offer.… Read more >

Which Kind of A-theist Am I?

I call myself an A-theist. The big A means “against”—I am opposed to theism, which is the belief in a personal god UpThere. I also think that the hyphen—which looks like a minus sign—is an appropriate symbol of my negative opinion of theism and that the little t signifies how unimportant theism is in the twenty-first century.… Read more >

Can a Pastor Be an Atheist?

My church is currently searching for a new pastor, and in a discussion group, I asked, “What would you think if our new pastor admitted that she or he was an atheist?”

A few people replied, “No way!” Most were quiet. Did they respond this way because that idea had never crossed their mind?… Read more >

A New World

On March 1, 2020, I was enjoying my daily routine. Ten days later, a whole new world started, and most folks had no idea that anything had changed. Halfway through April, I realized that “normal” no longer exists. We have no idea what the new normal will be. It might include wearing masks.… Read more >

Eating Jesus

The idea for this blog post came from a memo (maybe closer to a tome) from my bishop about how to deliver the Eucharist during a time of crisis—namely, the current COVID-19 pandemic. That memo went on and on about the minute details of properly administering the sacraments, especially the process of intinction.Read more >

Easter Presence

My favorite holy day in the church year is Easter, which forms the heart of my faith.

I don’t believe in a literal, physical resurrection of a man who died by crucifixion. That is impossible—dead is dead. A body starts decomposing four minutes after death, and the process cannot be reversed.… Read more >

A Nonparade Parade

On Palm Sunday, Christians reenact the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey while crowds cheer him as a king.

I don’t think such an event ever happened, but I do think great truths are hidden in that story.

I can’t imagine the Romans ever allowing Jesus’s Followers to have a parade with thousands of angry (occupied) Jews gathered in confined spaces.… Read more >