by Bil Aulenbach


Senseless Sayings

To me, there are some commonly used sayings that sound good at first but make no sense once you think deeply about them.

For example, I recently heard someone (a fundamentalist) speak about the gay community. I always cringe and bristle when somebody says, “I love the sinner but hate the sin.”

That’s terribly judgmental.… Read more >

Don’t Split—Educate

When I grew up during the 1930s and 1940s, I had no understanding of the terms lesbian, nonbinary, transgender, gay (back then, it meant “happy”), bisexual, or undecided (pertaining to sexuality). I did know the words homo, fag, and queer.

I don’t think I knew anyone who was any of the above, and I only used those words in a pejorative way.… Read more >